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Impawsibly Good Pet Sitting Story

My name is Dawn Forsyth Green, I am the owner of this family run business Impawsibly Good Pet Sitting. My husband and I moved to Strathmore 10 years ago, and we love raising our kids in the small close knit community. In 2010 I started a pet sitting business in Strathmore, with now many satisfied clients.

Formerly the business was called Happy Returns Housesitting, I decided to rename the business in 2020 to be more reflective of the pet care services that make up the bulk of business. Don't worry though if you were a housesitting client I still do that too!

The business has steadily grown, from a part-time hobby to nearly a full time adventure. I have some assistants now, as it is hard to be in two places at the same time. The focus still remains to provide experienced top notch and professional pet care.

In summary, I have 15+ years of experience house sitting and pet sitting. I have a diploma in Animal Health Care and have owned many pets over the last 30 some years. I have a deep rooted love of animals, and I enjoy meeting new people and helping others. I can be counted on to look after your most valuable and cherished possessions.

One of my most reliable assistants Shawna Forseth, has been an invaluable addition to helping provide top quality pet care to Impawsibly Good Pet Sitting clients.

She also has a deep rooted love for animals, and allows my business to service more clients especially in busy times during holidays and vacation periods.

She has proven herself to be reliable and caring and able to offer the same attention to detail that makes the pet's the best experience possible.

My daughter Kayleigh now 16yrs old, has been helping out and doing job shadowing for some of my key clients with me.

She also has a passion for animals and has had one since a young age. She volunteers regularly at a local cat rescue society and a dog kennel nearby. She is interested in many aspects of my business and she is starting to help out especially in busy times near holidays.

Kayleigh is very responsibly and reliable, and I trust her to do the right thing.

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